The One Thing Every Fantasy Football League Needs

What is the one thing every single fantasy football league needs, and all the successful ones have? That one thing that will keep not only league members, but also the commissioner in check?

A Constitution.

To build the foundation of a long-lasting, prosperous, cohesive, and completely unbiased league, your fantasy football league MUST follow in the same footsteps our forefathers took over 200 years ago. While freedom and the weight of an entire nation is not on your shoulders, if you are your league’s commissioner than you at least know how chaotic and unbalanced a league can become with just one dispute. People take sides. Some will say the ruling was fair, while other parties will disagree and what comes next could be a firestorm of fantasy football hell. The stuff that causes friends to lose touch, family to fight non-stop, and possibly the worst fate of all … the disbanding of your fantasy league.

I’ve played in many different types of leagues in my 10 years of playing fantasy football. From 10 teams to 14 teams. Standard scoring to PPR and everything in between. I’ve played online leagues with people I didn’t know from atom all the way to the other end of the spectrum by participating in leagues with coworkers, close friends, and family. Obviously playing in a random online league you don’t need a constitution to govern you and your league mates. However if you are involved in a big, live draft with the aforementioned coworkers, friends, family, fraternity (or sorority) brothers (sisters), or any other group with close ties to you than a constitution should be a MANDATORY piece of legislation to get your league set up properly.

Even in leagues with close friends, without a written set of guidelines for any feasible situation, you’re a sitting duck waiting for the day that something totally out of the ordinary happens that your league has no precedent on. Hell even once you have the constitution written up, you will be constantly amending and adding things throughout the years, but that’s part of the fun!

So without further ado I present to you THE SANDLOT FFL CONSTITUTION. Feel free to use it as a guide for your own league, because trust me, it will make life much easier and your league much more fun!


1. Draft
A) Draft day is the most important day of the year.
C) One of the two Saturday’s before the NFL season begins will be our draft day every year. (No further than 12 days prior to the concurrent NFL season).
D) Draft order for following season will be selected during Super Bowl Party of current season with the commissioner and at least five (5) other league members present.
E) During the draft each team has ninety (90) seconds to make their pick. If they fail to make their selection within the allowed period of time, they will receive the best available kicker.

2. Roster
A) 16 total players on team.
B) 9 starters including:
I. 1 quarterback
II. 1 running back
III. 1 wide receiver
IV. 1 tight end
V. 1 team defense
VI. 1 kicker
VII. 3 flex consisting of running backs and/or wide receivers
C) 7 bench slot for any position

3. Scoring System
A) Passing:
I. 1 point per 25 yards
II. 4 points per TD
III. 2 points per conversion
IV. -2 points per interception
V. 2 points per 50+ yard TD
B) Rushing:
I. 1 point per 10 yards
II. 6 points per TD
III. 2 points per conversion
IV. 2 points per 50+ yard TD
C) Receiving:
I. 1 point per 10 yards
II. 1 point per reception
III. 6 points per TD
IV. 2 points per conversion
V. 2 points per 50+ yard TD
D) Defense/Special Teams:
I. 10 points per shutout
II. 1 point per sack
III. 2 points per interception
IV. 2 points per fumble recovered
V. 2 points per safety
VI. 2 points per blocked punt, FG attempt, or PAT attempt
VII. 6 points per TD including …
a. Interception return
b. Fumble return
c. Kick return
d. Punt return
e. Blocked punt, FG attempt, or PAT attempt
E) Kicking:
I. 1 point per PAT
II. 3 points per field goal 0-39 yards
III. 4 points per field goal 40-49 yards
IV. 5 points per field goal 50-59 yards
V. 6 points per field goal 60+ yards
VI. -1 point per field goal or PAT missed
F) Miscellaneous:
I. -2 points per fumble lost

4. Buy In/Payouts
A) $100 buy in that may increase over time with approval of at least 75% of the league.
B) regular season points champion receives buy in amount (i.e. $100).
C) 3rd place finisher receives buy in amount (i.e. $100).
D) 2nd place finisher receives 30% of remaining pot.
E) Champion receives 70% of remaining pot as well as trophy to be awarded to the winner every Super Bowl Sunday of current NFL season.

5. Trades
A) Once a trade is proposed between two (2) teams, there will be a forty-eight (48) hour window for the league commissioner to review the trade.
B) Everyone is free to run their teams how they see fit, if the trade is fair to the parties involved it will be put through EXCEPT in obvious cases of collusion between the two (2) parties.
C) Trade deadline is the Wednesday before thanksgiving:
I. All trades must be proposed AND accepted by 11:59pm the day before thanksgiving

6. Waiver Wire
A) After the draft the waiver order will begin with the team who selected twelfth (12th) getting the top slot and working backwards with the team who selected first (1st) getting the last slot.
B) Team in the first (1st) slot has first choice of waiver following previous week games and progressing down until slot twelve (12).
C) Teams do NOT have to pick player off waivers each week.
D) Once team does make pick up off waiver they drop from current position to last, or twelfth (12), slot.

7. Divisions
A) One (1) division of twelve (12) teams.
B) Each team will play every other team in the league once and play their first two (2) opponents of the season twice.

8. Playoffs
A) Playoff for the league will begin week 14 of the concurrent NFL season.
B) Playoffs will be NFL weeks 14, 15, and championship week will be NFL week 16.
C) Playoffs will consist of top six (6) teams:
I. Total season points will be tie breaker for playoff seeding
D) Top two (2) teams at end of regular season will have first (1st) round byes.
E) Third (3rd) seed vs. sixth (6th) seed and forth (4th) seed vs fifth (5th) seed round one (1) of playoffs.
F) The top seeded team will play the winner of the four (4) vs five (5) match up, while the second (2nd) seeded team will play the winner of the three (3) vs six (6) match up.

9. Personal Conduct
A) Heavy drinking (as long as you are NOT driving) and “herbal supplemental” use are highly encouraged.
B) Trickery, shams, bamboozles, filmflams, conning, double-crossing, double-dealing, deceit, guile, funny business, shell games, swindling, shenanigans, dupery, and underhandedness are all part of the game. If you get caught with your pants down you deserved to be raped.
C) Shit talk is always appropriate, getting inside your opponent’s head is highly encouraged and frankly, a lot more fun.
D) There is no crying in fantasy football! If you lose get over it and get better or continue paying the consequences.

10. Penalties For The Following Season
 The last place finisher at the end of the season, including playoffs, WITH THE WORST RECORD will be required to wear the “speedo of shame” and only that for the following years draft:
I. If two (2) or more teams are tied with the same record at the end of the sixteen (16) week season, LOWEST TOTAL POINTS    over the entire sixteen (16) weeks will be the tie breaker
II. Humiliation by the rest of the league is greatly encouraged during the draft towards the one who dawns the “SoS”
B) Beer will be purchased on draft day the following season by last place in total points after the end of the regular season.


11. Player(s) For Draft Pick(s) Trades (2014)
A) A player or players may be offered from one team to another for a draft pick or draft picks:
I. If trade is a single player, or multiple players, for a single draft pick, then the team giving up said player(s) will also secede sixteenth (16th), or last round draft pick the following season
II. If trade is a single player, or multiple players, for multiple draft picks, then the team giving up said player(s) will secede sixteenth (16th), or last round draft pick the following season, as well as a second (2nd) draft pick with round of said draft pick be agreed upon by the two (2) parties involved on trade
B) As per article 5, section B, the commissioner has final say if trade is collusion and final word on passing trade through.
C) Commissioner will keep track of “player for pick trades” on league message board, as well as separate documentation of trades agreed upon during that current season to be completed the following seasons draft:
I. Draft board will be marked to identify the changes of draft picks so everyone always knows who picks where during that seasons draft

12. League Entry Fee (2014)
A) All league entry fees must be paid on day of the draft.
B) Drafting via phone/skype:
I. If not physically present for draft, entry fee may be mailed to commissioner and must arrive within one (1) week after said team gets knocked out of contention for a cash prize
II. If said team receives cash prize they may keep entry fee instead of sending it and any additional monies they win on top of entry fee will be mailed out by commissioner at conclusion of concurrent season
C) Punishments for not having league fees if attending draft in person:
I. Will lose THIRD ROUND PICK if half (50%) of entry fee for concurrent season is unavailable during draft day
II. Will lose SECOND ROUND PICK if additional quarter (25%) of entry fee after initial half (50%) for concurrent season is unavailable during draft day
III. Will lose FIRST ROUND PICK if final quarter (25%) of entry fee after initial three-quarters (75%) for concurrent season is unavailable during draft day

13. Schedule (2015)
A) We will keep the first eleven (11) weeks of the standard ESPN weekly head-to-head schedule the same as it has been since year one:
I. In that format every team plays every other team of the league once every season
B) We will rotate who everyone plays in weeks twelve (12) and thirteen (13) from this season (2015) here-on-out:
I. Each year at Super Bowl party we will make the final two (2) weeks of the schedule by randomly selecting the week twelve (12) match ups as follows …
a. We will randomly select an owners name one-by-one
b. The first (1st) owner selected will play the second (2nd) owner selected in week twelve (12), the third (3rd) owner selected will play the fourth (4th) in week twelve (12), owner five (5) plays owner six (6), owner seven (7) plays owner eight (8), owner nine (9) plays owner ten (10), and owner eleven (11) plays owner twelve (12)
c. The odd-numbered selected owners (1,3,5,7,9,11) will be the “home teams,” while the even-numbered selected owners (2,4,6,8,10,12) will be the “away teams”
II. Week thirteen (13) match ups as follows …
a. Each “away team” will be shifted down one slot, with the bottom team will be shifted to the top of the ladder
b. Owner one (1) will play owner twelve (12), owner three (3) will play owner two (2), owner five (5) will play owner four (4), owner seven (7) will play owner six (6), owner nine (9) will play owner eight (8), and owner eleven (11) will play owner ten (10)

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