Entry #1 8/29/15


Dear Fantasy Diary,

Today is the day!!! I sprung out of bed at 4am like a 6-year old on Christmas morning, because today is my Christmas. It’s draft day! No matter what happened in the league last year today we all have a clean slate. Champion last year? Doesn’t matter. Worst team in the league last year? Doesn’t matter. Horrible draft last year? IT DOESN’T MATTER! In just a few short hours I, along with the other 11 guys in the league, have the opportunity to draft the best team. We all will claim we have the best team come the close of the draft, but we all know there is just 1 best team heading into week 1, and it will be mine … oh yes it will be mine (Garth, that was a haiku).

Drafting out of the 9 hole in a 12 team PPR league has me chomping at the bit. I know I won’t be getting one of those 5 stud RBs but the top-tier talent at WR that will drop to me will be insane! Not to mention knowing my league mates the way I do I have the weaker Gazelles scattered around me and being the Lion I am I will pounce and kill them all!

A night of beers, cigars, and glutenous eating will top off a great draft so let the sh*t talk begin! I’ll talk to you again before my week 1 match up.

– thePPRmonster