The Sandlot FFL

The Champ (ya boy) and The Chump from The Sandlot FFL (2018)

“The Sandlot FFL” is the league I started in 2012. After years of playing fantasy football, I noticed two trends in the leagues I participated in. Either they were online where you don’t know anyone and, depending on the entry fee, some people didn’t bother to even touch their team or tried to scheme up with someone else they knew to form a super team. If it wasn’t online collusion or a jackass not checking his* trade offers or setting his line up then it was problem number two.

Problem number two enters when you play a live league with friends or whoever; everyone gets together for the draft, talks throughout the season, gathers together during Sunday’s, is able to talk shit to one another … you know, FUN! But, like clockwork, every year I thought I found a solid core of fantasy junkies like myself, I was proven wrong at year’s end. Turnover in live leagues is just as annoying as playing online with faceless teammates. When guys come in and out of a league it’s just not the same, and if you participate in a live league you know what I mean. You want that rivalry. You want to see if the guy who finished 2-11 can turn it around next year. You want to see if the current champ just got lucky last year, or will he have another epic run and prove he’s actually a legitimate threat to you.

That’s why “The Sandlot FFL” was created! It’s a 12-man PPR league with minimal, if any, turnover (same 12 since 2014). It’s about the guys/gals in the league. You want competition, friends, rivalry, comradery, trash-talk, excitement, and so much more! The only way to achieve that is by gathering a group that you know loves playing fantasy football. Who loves plotting and scheming throughout the offseason to win the championship, or repeat (which still has to happen in our league). You need a set of guidelines and rules so that everyone knows what the league is all about (see “The Constitution“). Lastly you need a commissioner who is dedicated, focused, fair and just, and on top of any problem that may arise … basically the opposite of Rodger Goddell.

I’ve finally found the greatest league I could ever ask to be a part of. After year one it was true love and I knew this league was “the one.” Years later we are still going strong. 11 of 12 original member still intact, traditions have been established, and no matter what is happening come the weekend before the NFL season kicks off “The Sandlot FFL” will gather and begin another chapter in the greatest fantasy football league ever!

*I say his because if a woman was playing in these leagues you know damn well they’d actually pay attention and have their shit together!


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