12 Guys Walk Into a Fantasy Draft …

First off if you’ve never played in a league with a live draft, shame on you. I believe you can’t officially call yourself a true fantasy football player until you are involved in at least one live draft per year, and the more guys that return each year the better because that’s kind of what this list is based on. The cast of characters you can possibly encounter in any fantasy football draft anywhere in the country. Wether you play 14 team IDP in Tacoma or 10 team PPR in Tallahassee, one thing is for sure: live drafting brings out a different side of all of us. When you get into a league that has the same guys in it year after year, not only is it a ton of more fun, but relationships form. Some become friends, like Bryce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Some become enemies like Batman and the Joker. Doesn’t matter what your dynamic is with your league mates, all I know is having those same faces around make the mythology and legend of each of our leagues more special as the years go by. So if you play in a live draft league with the same people year in and year out, then you my friend have definitely ran into at least a few of the following:

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