Call Me Crazy But …

Anyone who works in the fantasy football world knows we all have one thing in common, and that’s the need to make some crazy predictions before the season starts. Not insane crazy but the kind of crazy that, if the stars align throughout the season, could be come a reality.

We all think we may have one stat about a certain player, or players, that we analyze differently than everyone else in the industry.

We all think we have put in more time researching and pouring over numbers in the off season to make these once crazy predictions in our minds look more and more like they can come true even before the year kicks off.

But in the end we all know that all it takes is a lot of sleepless nights, looking at a computer screen until it feels like blood is coming out of our eyes, and having more numbers in our brains than Roger Goddell has undeservedly in his bank account to make our craziness seem sane to us.

So take a look at the possibly insane ideas I talked myself into and let me know how crazy I really am!


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