Strength of Schedule: By Position

Some players get more favorable match ups throughout the year, while others not so much. So which players should you take when deciding between a few? Our Strength of Schedule (S.o.S) breakdown will help make your decision a lot easier!

We’ve taken every team’s finish last year in terms of fantasy points allowed to each position (QB, RB, WR, TE) and coded it to make it extremely fast and simple for you to find the best and worst match ups on each teams upcoming 2015 schedule.

GREEN = EASY MATCH UP (Bottom 10 teams in fantasy PPG allowed to said position)

RED = DIFFICULT MATCH UP  (Top 10 teams in fantasy PPG allowed to said position)

WHITE = NEUTRAL MATCH UP (Middle 12 teams in fantasy PPG allowed to said position)

Not only do you get visually stimulating charts of each position and their respective match ups, but also a breakdown of what you should expect with their S.o.S as well as which teams could be on the rise and drop this upcoming season to make 2015 match ups potentially more favorable or more treacherous.

***S.o.S will be updated twice throughout the season! On top of the preseason, we will post an updated version (with 2015 statistics) after week 4 and once again after week 9 of the NFL season. After that point, barring a major injury, we know what we will be getting with opposing defenses!***

Get the breakdown right here!






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