Preseason Fantasy Break Down Week 3

Preseason Fantasy Break Down Week 3

Here after each week after preseason play you will find a few names to keep an eye on for your fantasy football draft. I’ve decided to separate the players into two different categories; “Already There,” and “Movin’ On Up.”

Players in the “Already There” section are names that I would feel comfortable drafting at the time, so obviously we will see new name on this list each week. That can include guys who didn’t get the recognition the week before or guys who finally made it off our other list, “Movin’ On Up.”

“Movin’ On Up” is for the guys who have shown us a lot of good in their preseason opportunities but they are just waiting to get onto the “Already There” list for a multitude of reasons from too buried on the depth chart of their team to not enough around him to make him worth drafting to more talent ahead of him to use a fantasy draft pick on him. Names on this list don’t mean you shouldn’t draft them at all if you have a deep bench. It also doesn’t mean forget about them because if they are mentioned I believe they are good enough to be useable even if just for a few weeks at some point give the right circumstances. So burn these names into your head and play the waiver wire more confidently this season.

“Already There”

  • Matthew Stafford QB DET
    • Week 3 vs JAX: 11/15 for 173 yards, 2TD 0INT
    • Preseason totals: 19/25 for 308 yards, 3TD 0INT
    • Stafford has been accurate and kept the ball away from the opposing team in his preseason. He’s looked good and hasn’t even had Calvin Johnson on the field at all this preseason. Golden Tate is still looking hot in that Detroit offense and now the Lions have Ameer Abdullah and Joique Bell available to use in the backfield. Stafford could be in for a year like we saw in 2011 when he threw for 41TDs.
  • Sam Bradford QB PHI
    • Week 3 vs GB: 10/10 for 121 yards, 3TD 0INT
    • Preseason totals: 13/15 for 156 yards, 3TD 0INT
    • Bradford took another big hit while tossing one of his 3 touchdowns against the Packers and it looks as if he will be just fine. Obviously he is always going to be looked at as injury prone but taking some major hits this preseason has to be encouraging for Eagles fans and  Bradford fantasy owners alike. As long as he is healthy, Bradford is going to lead this Eagles offense to a whole lot of points each week.
  • Tyrod Taylor QB BUF
    • Week 3 vs PIT: 12/13 for 122 yards, 0TD 0INT/1 rush for 20 yards, 1TD
    • Preseason totals: 24/31 for 236 yards, 0TD 0INT/11 rushes for 108 yards, 1TD
    • Taylor was named the Bills starting quarterback and for good reason. He is obviously a threat with his legs and while he hasn’t thrown a TD in the preseason, he has completed 77% of his passes and also hasn’t thrown an interception either. The Bills need all the offensive firepower the can muster, and Taylor is their best option at QB.
  • Andre Johnson WR IND
    • Week 3 vs STL: 1 target, 1 catch for 32 yards, 1TD
    • Preseason totals: 5 targets, 3 catches for 49 yards, 1TD
    • Johnson, much like other Colt new comer Frank Gore, will be on the best offense of his career. While Hilton and rookie Phillip Dorsett will give Indy some deep threats, Johnson will be getting tons of looks from Luck this year and he’s shown in limited preseason action just how effective he will be in this offense. 
  • Jarvis Landry WR MIA
    • Week 3 vs ATL: 6 targets, 5 catches for 84 yards, 0TD
    • Preseason totals: 13 targets, 11 catches for 115 yards, 1TD
    • Landry was already known to be Miami’s top target at wide receiver this year, but it also looks like he will be a favorite of Tannehill in the red zone. Catches and yards are great but adding in those TDs in icing on the cake. Landry and this entire Dolphins offense are going to produce a lot of points this season and owners of Landry will be extremely happy come the close of 2015.
  • Greg Olsen TE CAR
    • Week 3 vs NE: 9 targets, 6 catches for 51 yards, 0TD
    • Preseason totals: 14 targets, 10 catches for 87 yards, 0TD
    • Olsen is clearly the guy who will be getting the majority of looks in this Carolina offense with Kelvin Benjamin missing the season. While I don’t expect the Panthers to score a lot of points, Olsen is still going to rack up receptions and yards, and much like Martellus Bennett of 2014 I believe that Olsen could lead all tight ends in catches in 2015. Devin Funchess will get opportunities and Cam Newton could rely on his legs more this year than any other season he’s played (outside his rookie campaign), but in the end Greg Olsen is the main man in 2015 in the Carolina passing attack.

“Movin’ On Up”

  • Blake Bortles QB JAX
    • Week 3 vs DET: 20/29 for 245 yards, 1TD 0INT/4 rushes for 38 yards, 0TD
    • Preseason totals: 39/60 for 461 yards, 1TD 0INT/5 rushes for 42 yards, 1TD
    • Bortles has shown improvements this preseason in the passing game and should only get better as the year progresses. He was already a rushing threat, more than most people give him credit for, and he lost weight this offseason so he’s quicker and has better stamina (let’s be honest he did looked gassed at the end of 2014). The loss of Julius Thomas for the first month of the season hurts but TJ Yeldon is a legitimate back who can be on the field for every down, something Jacksonville hasn’t had since MJD.
  • Nick Foles QB STL
    • Week 3 vs IND: 10/11 for 128 yards, 1TD 0INT
    • Preseason totals: 16/23 for 215 yards, 1TD 1INT
    • Foles has been getting rave reviews from teammates and the Rams high ups all offseason and camp. While he may not have the same compliment of weapons around him in St. Louis that he had in Philadelphia, Foles is still a QB to watch. He isn’t going to be an every week no-brianer start but he will have some big weeks and is a great candidate to fill in for bye weeks. Once Todd Gurley is healthy that will only help Foles succeed and help this Rams offense become more potent. 
  • Eric Decker WR NYJ
    • Week 3 vs NYG: 4 targets, 3 catches for 52 yards, 1TD
    • Preseason totals: 8 targets, 5 catches for 68 yards, 1TD
    • Stars are aligning this year for Decker. While he had a better year in 2014 in New York than I was expecting, 74-962-5, I think he is in for an even better 2015. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better option than Geno Smith at QB. Brandon Marshall will draw more coverage away from Decker much like Demaryius Thomas did in Denver and Decker is a much bigger threat as a WR2. 
  • Marvin Jones WR CIN
    • Week 3 vs CHI: 3 targets, 2 catches for 35 yards, 1TD
    • Preseason totals: 4 targets, 3 catches for 52 yards, 1TD
    • Jones has an ADP of round 13. While he missed last year with injury, 2013 saw Marvin finish as a mid WR2 while he scored 10 touchdowns. Jones is going to be lining up across from Green and will get his fair share of looks. Maybe he doesn’t score 10 times again but I feel confident he will make up those lost TD points in catches and yards. With defenses having to keep Green in check as well as a very strong rush threat in Jeremy Hill, Jones will get more open looks than people think.
  • Stevie Johnson WR SD
    • Week 3 vs SEA: 6 targets, 4 catches for 63 yards, 0TD
    • Preseason totals: 7 targets, 4 catches for 63 yards, 0TD
    • No Gates for the first 4 games of the year. I don’t fully trust Keenan Allen. Ladarius Green hasn’t shown us much since he had a good 3-game stretch in mid-2103. Overall the Chargers will need to find a reliable pass catcher outside of Allen and when Danny Woodhead is on the field. Johnson has to be that guy and it looks like he will fully embrace that role in San Diego. Not saying he gets back to his Bills days, but Johnson will be used way more in San Diego than he was in San Francisco last year.
  • Scott Chandler TE NE
    • Week 3 vs CAR: 4 targets, 3 catches for 40 yards, 1TD
    • Preseason totals: 4 targets, 3 catches for 40 yards, 1TD
    • Chandler will be like Tim Wright was for the Patriots last year, but a much better version. While Wright was able to haul in a bunch of scores last year, 6 to be exact, his receptions and yardage weren’t anything special (26 for 259). While Chandler could easily match the 6TDs, he will likely have much better stats in the catches and yards department, averaging 45 grabs for 570 yards each of the last 3 years. Oh and Tom Brady is back and pissed off so you do the math.

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