Call Me Crazy But … Patrick Mahomes Has Already Peaked

Call Me Crazy But … Patrick Mahomes Has Already Peaked

Fantasy football is full of trash-talking, proving your better than your friends (at least at one thing, but we all know once you’re in a league everything else you do with your league mates becomes a competition), and bold predictions. Everyone thinks they have the hottest takes, wildest theories, or know something you don’t know as they try to look like the smartest guy in the room. Well, I am here to shut that shit down, no exceptions (shout out my man Negan)! This is a series I have titled “Call me crazy but …” in which I like to take the popular names, stats, or takes from the general consensus of the fantasy big-wigs and community and tear them apart like I play quarterback for the Steelers. So, let’s kick off the 2019 edition of the series with the reigning NFL, and arguably the 2018 fantasy football, MVP; Mr. Patrick Mahomes …

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2019 Fantasy Football: Head Coaching Changes and Impact

The first thing that happens every off-season in the fantasy football world tends to not get the attention it deserves; coaching changes. Different coaches impact players on their new teams in several different ways, whether that be positively or negatively. So let’s take a quick look at the new head coaches heading into the 2019 season and how they will impact the fantasy outlooks for their players and, more importantly, your fantasy teams.

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Confessions of a Fantasy Football Addict

I can feel my stomach just churning and wrapping around itself like I’m on some sort of crazy twisted rollercoaster. I can’t keep my hands still. They drum lightly on the side of my chair; slowly gaining in volume and speed, as I know it’s almost my turn. My legs feel like Jell-O as I stand up. I wipe the last of the sweat dripping down my brow and off the tip of my nose. My mouth opens but my brain doesn’t seem to know to make me speak. It feels like I’m frozen, like I’ve been standing in this pose for hours. I am a human statue. Then the words finally escape past my trembling lips.

“H-h-h-hi, I’m Anthony and I’m … I … I’m addicted to fantasy football.”

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One Thing EVERY Fantasy League Needs!

What is the one thing every single fantasy football league needs, and all the successful ones have? That one thing that will keep not only league members, but also the commissioner in check?

A Constitution.

To build the foundation of a long-lasting, prosperous, cohesive, and completely unbiased league, your fantasy football league MUST follow in the same footsteps our forefathers took over 200 years ago. While freedom and the weight of an entire nation is not on your shoulders, if you are your league’s commissioner than you at least know how chaotic and unbalanced a league can become with just one dispute. People take sides. Some will say the ruling was fair, while other parties will disagree and what comes next could be a firestorm of fantasy football hell. The stuff that causes friends to lose touch, family to fight non-stop, and possibly the worst fate of all … the disbanding of your fantasy league.

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12 Guys Walk Into a Fantasy Draft …

First off if you’ve never played in a league with a live draft, shame on you. I believe you can’t officially call yourself a true fantasy football player until you are involved in at least one live draft per year, and the more guys that return each year the better because that’s kind of what this list is based on. The cast of characters you can possibly encounter in any fantasy football draft anywhere in the country. Wether you play 14 team IDP in Tacoma or 10 team PPR in Tallahassee, one thing is for sure: live drafting brings out a different side of all of us. When you get into a league that has the same guys in it year after year, not only is it a ton of more fun, but relationships form. Some become friends, like Bryce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Some become enemies like Batman and the Joker. Doesn’t matter what your dynamic is with your league mates, all I know is having those same faces around make the mythology and legend of each of our leagues more special as the years go by. So if you play in a live draft league with the same people year in and year out, then you my friend have definitely ran into at least a few of the following:

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