Quest For The Best: The Four Horsemen

Quest For The Best – The Four Horsemen

Drafting deep is a huge step into starting down the yellow brick road towards a fantasy football championship, but what you do early could be just as critical, if not more-so, as what you do at the end of your draft. You need your top picks to contribute and post the numbers all the experts out there are predicting, otherwise you automatically start behind the 8-ball and will have ground to make up early and often. When it comes to drafting in round one having the top pick is as exciting as it is nerve-racking. You have to sit for days or longer waiting on the draft to start and keep going back-and-forth between players in your head trying to make the perfect decision. Can you mess it up? Yes, it’s possible, but really only making a bonehead move. If you stick to the top-tier players you won’t go wrong!

When it comes to having the top pick in your 2019 draft there are four guys to truly consider as your pick, or ‘The Four Horsemen’ as I like to call them this year. There are four running backs who deserve to make their cases to you as to why they deserve to be the first guy coming off the board in your draft. They can all do it all, they are all workhorses, and they all will be able to help you win a championship. So, let’s break down these four names, what they can bring to the table for you this season, and rank them from one to four and see who should really be the top choice in your 2019 fantasy football drafts!

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19 Names That Intrigue Me In 2019

19 Names That Intrigue Me Heading into 2019

Every one who plays fantasy football has names on their brain that they can’t get out. Whether that means guys they are in love with, guys they hate, guys they aren’t sure of, or anything in between! Every season players move teams, new rookies come in and make an impact, veterans get older, coaching changes happen; there is plenty that can impact a player’s fantasy stats either for the better or the worse. Being that it is 2019 I am going to give you 19 names heading into your drafts this year that intrigue me for one reason or another! This is no particular order just by position and alphabetical. Also, these aren’t players I’m necessarily targeting in my drafts; some I may grab if the price is right, some I will be after no matter what, and some I flat out don’t want sniffing my team, but no matter what category I may think of them in they all intrigue me for one reason or another! Who intrigues you heading into this season? Follow me on Twitter, @thepprmonster, and let me know! Continue reading

Have A Money Draft

Have A Money Draft

There are certain phrases that are way overused in all aspects of life, and in the fantasy football world two that always are thrown around like a football at your family reunion are “sleeper” and “bust.” What defines a sleeper or a bust? Technically can’t any player be both? What if you draft Alvin Kamara first overall with the hopes he can give you 300 point son the season and he goes off for a stupid 500, wouldn’t that make his numbers “sleeper-esque?” What if you draft Patrick Mahomes with the intentions of him giving you 400 points again but he only racks up 290 and finishes 3rd among quarterbacks instead of on top, could you argue that he had a “bust” of a year? So instead of listing players as either sleepers or busts I like to do things a little differently. I put these guys in three different categories: Overpaid, Undervalued, and Clearance. Overpaid are guys that will not perform up to where you draft them at, undervalued are guys I would take a chance on drafting slightly higher than their average draft position, and clearance are players you can scoop up late as a bench piece that could end up seeing your starting line up and contributing in a major way! Forget that old “sleeper” and “bust” crap and step into 2019 with the monster and take a gander at my “overpaid, undervalued, and clearance” players for this upcoming season!* Continue reading

Call Me Crazy But … Larry Fitzgerald Will Be a Failure

Call Me Crazy But … Larry Fitzgerald Will Be a Failure

Fantasy football is full of trash-talking, proving your better than your friends (at least at one thing, but we all know once you’re in a league everything else you do with your league mates becomes a competition), and bold predictions. Everyone thinks they have the hottest takes, wildest theories, or know something you don’t know as they try to look like the smartest guy in the room. Well, I am here to shut that shit down, no exceptions (shout out my man Negan)! This is a series I have titled “Call me crazy but …” in which I like to take the popular names, stats, or takes from the general consensus of the fantasy big-wigs and community and tear them apart like I play quarterback for the Steelers. Continuing the 2019 edition of the series we take a look at a guy who has been one of the best in the business for the last decade and a half, and while his last few seasons say he’s still got it, I say he doesn’t; sorry Mr. Larry Fitzgerald …

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Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?

Each year, once the fantasy football season is over the first thing we all look forward to is free agency and trades for the next season. We as a society of sports fans and fantasy players are obsessed with change, new places, and our athletes moving around and how that will impact the team they left almost as much as the team they join. With 2018 far behind us and the 2019 fantasy see on the horizon, it’s time to look at who moved to a new team and how that will impact their fantasy status for this year! So, who moved and where did they go? Let’s check it out in a piece I like to call “Where’s Waldo?” I have also attached a “fantasy impact” number for each player from 1-10; with 1 being minimal-at-best impact to 10 being potential stud impact!

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2019 Target Analysis: Tight Ends

Target Analysis TE 2019
2019 Tight End Target Analysis

Target Analysis Breakdown: Tight Ends

  1. Zach Ertz PHI: Ertz set tight end records last year in targets (152) and receptions (116) while becoming just the 3rd tight end with 150+ targets and the 5th end with better than 100 grabs in a single season. His catch rate of 74% was 3rd best at the position (behind just Austin Hooper and Kyle Rudolph). Ertz had his first 1,000-yard season (1,163) and his 8 touchdowns tied his personal best which was set just a year before in 2017. No one loves throwing to Ertz more than Carson Wentz and with Nick Foles gone and the Eagles banking on a healthy Wentz it’s not crazy to think Ertz can break the records he just set in 2018. The debate will rage as to who should be the first tight end drafted between Ertz and the number two on this list …

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2019 Target Analysis: Wide Receivers

Target Analysis WR 2019
2019 Wide Receiver Target Analysis


  1. Julio Jones ATL: One can make the argument Julio is the best wide out in the game and in the fantasy world. Over the last four seasons he is one of two receivers to catch at least 420 balls on at least 650 targets; Antonio Brown being the other. Jones has a catch rate of just under 65% in that span with just under 10 yards per target as he’s racked up 6,401 yards; more than any other wide out in that period. Last year Jones had the 3rd most receptions (113) behind Michael Thomas and DeAndre Hopkins, and Julio’s 7.1 catches per game were 4th best among receivers last season. Jones hasn’t had a season with fewer than 80 grabs and 1,400 yards since 2013! He may not get the love and respect that AB or OBJ receives but all it takes is a few extra trips to the end zone and he will be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the receiver pack. Don’t sleep on Quintorris Lopez Jones!

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